Hey everyone it's BestSazanNa here and I want to show you guys my solo Q  build!  Any questions on anything stop by @

Let's dive in : 

Level 1 :

Autogun Bunker

Supply Drop Bunker gains a turret which fires 16 bullets every 2 seconds. Bullets deal 8-12 damage each. The turret range is 100 m. 

Level 3 :

Headlong Rush

Sprinting into an enemy deals 50 damage and causes a 5 m knockback. Sprinting speed increased from 8.5 m/s to 9 m/s.

Level 5 :

Hyperburst Chamber

After reloading, the first 6 bullets in the pulse rifle deal 33% more damage.


Auto Gun Bunker is great for zoning, getting away from certain characters, and killing the heart extremely fast. It is also great for protecting the heart if you drop it in a spot that gives it a line of sight on the heart.  

This is also great for farming large herds extremely fast. So Auto Gun + Head Long is a great combo!

Head Long Rush is my favorite due to the fact of the .5 m/s increase. You would think it's not a lot. But if you distance and position yourself well. You will always get away from everyone and if people do chase you they will waste so much time your team should capitalize on the situation. 

You can also use that extra speed to back cap harvesters, kill herds all around the map and get intel on where the enemy team is.

You can literally carry your team just by gettings levels ahead of the enemy team. 

Hyperburst Chamber: This just helps you scale better late game. 

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