The following is a list of quotes from Tosca.


Ability Quote Audio
Adhesive Alpha
Adhesive alpha for the win!
Eat sticky death!
Slow down, now.
Stop moving around!
And … gone.
Get bent, spacetime!
Keep up!
Outta here!
Can't hit what you can't see.
Gone in a cloud of dust!
Throwing up chaff!
What are you, blind?
Finish Them!
::rabid raccoon noises::
Still on Cooldown
Hold on a sec!
Not ready yet.
X-Ray Goggles
I spy with my little eye.
Let's see what we got.
Well, hello.
You can't hide, dummy.

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Field test time.
Smart choice.
That essence is mine.


Quote Audio
Ah, come on! We were robbed!
Eh, we went easy on them.
I'll take my revenge…later.
I'm still better than all of you!
You'll be hearing from my lawyers!

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Crater

  • Tosca: Wish I could have seen this place when it was humming.

At Swamp

  • Tosca: Ugh, the swamp. I hate it here.
  • Earl: You say that wherever we go.
  • Tosca: That's true, but I REALLY hate the swamp. My fur gets all soggy. And it smells.
  • Earl: I guess it's good being big and bald.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Tosca: Good luck getting this hunk of crap running ever again.
  • Earl: Oh, I'll get her running. I keep my promises.


At Ship Crash
Part 1

  • Tosca: Hey, a bunch of junk! You should feel right at home, right, Summer?
  • Summer: Yeah, nothing like some good junk! We've got the best junk back on Tau Ceti, though.
  • Tosca: Urgh. Can’t you tell when someone trying to put you down?
  • Summer: Not really. Why?

Part 2

  • Tosca: Hey Summer, can I have your autograph? I want proof that I met the queen of the scrap heap.
  • Summer: Of course you can! I didn't know you were a fan, Tosca!
  • Tosca: What? No, idiot, I was being sarcastic.
  • Summer: Don't be embarrassed. I'll make it out to "my cutest, littlest fan, Tosca"!


At Cave

  • Tosca: Now this is more like it! Feels good to have a roof overhead.
  • Ajonah: Don't care for the fresh air, Tosca?
  • Tosca: We Chirt spend our lives indoors. On warren ships, or underground. All this open sky feels…uncomfortable.
  • Ajonah: Yes. As a child, I never suspected that there was so much beyond the sky. Now that I know, looking up can be…uncomfortable.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Ajonah: Tosca. I've heard that you are in the business of selling solutions. To very…difficult problems.
  • Tosca: You're talking weapons, right?
  • Ajonah: Yes.
  • Tosca: Oh, yeah. I've got tons of those.

Part 2

  • Tosca: So. You rich?
  • Ajonah: What?
  • Tosca: Are you RICH. Do you have a lot of MONEY.
  • Ajonah: Well…no. But surely there is something that High Tide can offer in return for your help.

Part 3

  • Tosca: Listen, fishy. If we're gonna do business, let's get something straight. I don't HELP causes. I cash in on them.
  • Tosca: So if you're offering a favor in exchange for services rendered…it's gonna be a big, BIG favor.
  • Ajonah: I know the price of peace. I will pay whatever is needed.
  • Tosca: I love a desperate customer. Let's talk more after this mission.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Tosca: Hey, you! I've got a bone to pick with you!
  • Bugg: I'm sorry!
  • Tosca: I haven't told you what it is yet.
  • Bugg: Oh, right. I'm sorry!

Part 2

  • Tosca: Listen, beta build. I don't need any automated competition.
  • Tosca: You're taking jobs away from honest hustlers like me!
  • Bugg: But…this is also MY job. I try my best every day!
  • Tosca: Ugh. Guess there's no point in complaining to the hardware.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Bugg: Ow. My head. Ow.
  • Tosca: What's wrong with you?
  • Bugg: I'm not operating at 100%. I think someone has been tampering with my logic circuits.
  • Tosca: Haha…who would do something like that…

Part 2

  • Tosca: So, do you feel any different? Any new directives to obey me- I mean, anyone?
  • Bugg: My directive is to protect my garden against all aggressors.
  • Tosca: Damn. Must have missed a semicolon or something.
  • Bugg: It's so nice of you to be concerned about my welfare!


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Drakahl: Can't wait to stash some sweet essence in my secret hiding spot.
  • Tosca: Under your mattress? GREAT hiding spot, by the way.
  • Drakahl: WHAT? You been sneaking into my room?
  • Tosca: Don't worry! I sneak into everyone's room.

Part 2

  • Drakahl: So, bite-size, what do YOU do with your essence?
  • Tosca: Sell it for cash money, obviously! You know how much this stuff is worth?
  • Tosca: Cornering the essence market is WAY better than sleeping on a lumpy mattress.

Part 3

  • Tosca: If you want, big guy, I can sell your essence too. For a *cough* modest broker's fee.
  • Drakahl: No way am I selling it. It's MINE.
  • Tosca: Eh, fine. I'll just steal it from you later.
  • Drakahl: See, that's funny, 'cause I was planning on stealing your essence too!
  • Tosca: Heeey! I guess great minds think alike.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Shakirri: We're doing well. The Prima will be pleased.
  • Tosca: Ugh, gross. Nothing more boring than a loyal stooge.
  • Shakirri: Boring or not, my duty is to protect…the Prima.
  • Tosca: Whoa, hold on. (sniff sniff) You're hiding something!

Part 2

  • Shakirri: What are you accusing me of? And why did you smell me?
  • Tosca: I can tell when someone's pulling a con. I can smell it on you.
  • Tosca: Shakirri, I'm impressed! I didn't think you had the hairballs!

Part 3

  • Tosca: So what kind of scam are you running? Blackmail? Embezzlement? A scandalous affair?
  • Shakirri: No! I won't be baited by a treasonous little troll like you!
  • Tosca: Oh, don't worry. I'll find out one way or another.
  • Tosca: And here I thought hanging out with you was going to be boring!


At Cave

  • Tosca: Finally, somewhere that reminds me of home.
  • Sazan: Except the warrens are smaller.
  • Tosca: Yes, yes, except the - wait. What did you say?
  • Tosca: Humans aren't allowed in the warrens.
  • Sazan: Officially, I've never been there.
  • Tosca: And unofficially?
  • Sazan: Unofficially, the warrens are smaller.


At Harvester

  • Tosca: All this broken tech. We should squirrel some away for later.
  • Rahi: You mean...stealing The station commander wouldn't like that.
  • Tosca: What Commander Tibolt doesn’t know can’t harm US.


Quote Audio
Hey, I got Sazan! Hahahaha!
I'll melt you down to size!
It was for a good cause. Me.
Next time, try winning.
Stop flailing, it's pathetic.
Thanks for wasting my time.
The bigger they are, the harder I kill them.
Try again, lose again.
Yes! Dwell on your failure!


Quote Audio
Let's create some havoc.
Look out world, here comes Tosca!
Massive destruction! For Science!
Today: Crucible. Tomorrow: the galaxy.
Tremble, half-wits. Tosca is here.
Ugh. Nature.


Quote Audio
OK. Let me level with you, chirt to bozo. I'm only here because I can't go home. To Chirta. My homeworld.
Great place. Acid rain, no sunlight, massive overcrowding. Paradise.
But I fell in with a bad lot. And by 'fell in', I mean 'led'. And by 'bad lot', I mean 'a bunch of back-biting traitors'.
It started out great. We decided to kill the ruling Matriarchs. As one does.
We had a plan. Take out the rulers in a single day. Poison, lasers, bombs. BOOM! Heheheh.
I did most of the tech work. Well, me and my AI flunkies. Next gen, market-disruptive, bleeding-edge death!
I thought I was sooo smart. Covered my tracks. Let other chumps take the risk. Laid low.
But someone – SOMEONE – ratted me out. An hour before the bombs went off, the Matriarch's people were bashing down my door.
Long story short, I had to beat feet. But I swore I would skin the traitor that tipped them off. Skin them and wear them as a lab coat!
So I've been bouncing around the galaxy, taking the odd gig. Science, sabotage, assassination. Plotting my revenge. As one does.
And when I heard about Crucible … Well, here's a place that could appreciate my talents.
You appreciate my talents, don't you, Bozo? 'Cause I'm still pretty good with poisons and bombs.


Quote Audio
Ugh, go away.
You know what happened to my last stalker? No, you don't, because they never found the body.
Look, every second I spend talking to you is a second I'm not making any money. OR any science.
I don't do things for free. If you want my time, commission a murder. Preferably your own.
Let me update my fee sheet. Let's see. "Untraceable poison…crime scene forgery…vivisections, buy two get one free…small talk."
You know, being exiled isn't SO bad. I mean, don't get me wrong, my betrayers WILL die screaming.
But it's important for a supergenius to meet new people. Extort those people. Test my formulas on other people. And then pin the murders back on those first people.
'She blinded me with science!' Ah, I am so sick of hearing people complain about that. 'Aah, she keeps spraying poison in my eyes! Waah!'
Most people are just so basic. But that's nothing a little acid can't solve.
That's it, you're going on my list.

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
For science!
Here I am.
Name's Tosca, supergenius.


Quote Audio
Cash up front.
Death to all idiots.
I'll melt your heart. And your bones.
Lots of people call me cute. That's how I choose my test subjects.
No time to explain!
Revenge is a dish best served in advance.
Righty tighty, lefty loser.
Space is cold, but my revenge plots keep me warm.
That's it, you're on my list.
You'll be hearing from my lawyers!


Quote Audio
Ah, you poor pitiful jerks.
Bow down, losers!
Brains and sneakiness always win!
Everyone knows I'm the best.
Hah! And I didn't even have to cheat.
Hardly even broke a sweat.
Mine! Hahahahaha!!
No shame in losing to the best. Just kidding, there's shame.
Revenge! Sweet, non-specific REVENGE!
That? That was just a warm-up.
The important thing is we all had a good ti-ahahahaha!
Victory is mine! I mean, ours!
Yeah! Take that, UNIVERSE!
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