The following is a list of quotes from Summer.


Ability Quote Audio
Acetylene Torch
Bringing the heat!
Crank it up!
Now we're cooking!
Turning on the gas!
Yes! Toasty!
Firepulse Thrusters
Ahhhhhahahaha yeah!
Here we go!
Jump jets activate!
Taking off!
Up and away!
Ignition Spark
Can't touch me!
Get back!
Push 'em back!
Magma Spiral
::joyful laughter::
Blaze of power!
Here comes my SIGNATURE MOVE!
More power! MORE!
You can't handle the heat!
Gotta cool my jets.
I'm running cold!
Keep it cool, keep it cool.
Overheat Ends
And we're back!
Back in business!
Okay, time in!
Ready for action!
Ready to Rock!
::5 seconds of maniacal laughter::
Still on Cooldown
Hold on.
Not ready yet.
Thruster Pounce
BAM! Hahaha!
Coming in hot!
Shooting star!

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Let's rumble!
Ready to kick some ash!
Time to shine!


Quote Audio
Can't keep me down for long!
Can’t keep us down for long! Right, team?
Okay, I think I know what I did wrong.
Ow! That really stings!
Urgh…there's the count…
Welp, time to hit the gym!
Who’s up for a rematch?

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At River

  • Summer: Ah…it's like a day at the beach!
  • Ajonah: A beach where everything tries to kill you.
  • Summer: That's my kind of beach!
  • Ajonah: You'd be right at home on Orisi, then.

In Detect Mode

  • Summer: (loud whisper) Why are we hiding?
  • Ajonah: Shh! We must move like shadows in the shallows!
  • Summer: (even louder whisper) It's just that hiding isn't really my thing, you know?
  • Ajonah: You're the loudest shadow I've ever met.


At Ship Crash
Part 1

  • Tosca: Hey, a bunch of junk! Just like home, right, Summer?
  • Summer: Yeah, nothing like some good junk! We've got the best junk back on Tau Ceti, though.
  • Tosca: Urgh. Can’t you tell when someone trying to put you down?
  • Summer: Not really. Why?

Part 2

  • Tosca: Hey Summer, can I have your autograph? I want proof that I met the queen of the scrap heap.
  • Summer: Of course you can! I didn't know you were a fan, Tosca!
  • Tosca: What? No, idiot, I was being sarcastic.
  • Summer: Don't be embarrassed. I'll make it out to "my cutest, littlest fan, Tosca"!


At Ship Crash
Part 1

  • Earl: I hate seeing a good ship all wrecked up.
  • Summer: Yeah. This one could get up to half an APH back in its heyday. It's just a little orbit-hopper, but still. You know. Kicky.
  • Earl: Whoa. How do you know so much about this ship?
  • Summer: My ohana built it.

Part 2

  • Earl: So you know your way around a spaceship, huh?
  • Summer: Yeah. Family business. 'Iolanas make ships.
  • Earl: But not you?
  • Summer: No way. I freakin' hated it.

Part 3

  • Summer: This is the life I want, Earl! Excitement! Adventure! Competition!
  • Summer: Not back home, welding stuff to other stuff!
  • Earl: I guess everyone's gotta follow their own road through life.
  • Earl: But me, I'd give anything to be back home.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Summer: She's in rough shape, Earl. I can probably get you a good deal on an Iolana ship.
  • Earl: Thanks, but no thanks. There's only one ship for me.

At Harvester

  • Summer: So Earl, when's your next call home? Can I crash it?
  • Earl: Sure, my kids are nuts about you. But I'm a little surprised you like talking to them so much.
  • Summer: What's not to like? Your kids are awesome!
  • Earl: See, that's what I keep telling people!


Quote Audio
At least you lost to the best!
Aw, done already?
Ding ding ding!
I wore it better.
I'd never lose to a creep like you!
I'm on fire!
Impressed, Captain?
Thanks for playing, Kirri!
Yeah! Take that, gorgeous!
Yeah! Who's next?


Quote Audio
Chee hoo!
It's SUMMER time!
Things are heating up!
This gets better every time!
This will be fun!
Time to shine!


Quote Audio
Sure, I'll tell you why I came to Crucible. I came to win.
You know about ‘Iolana Spacecraft, if you're into ships. That's my ohana's business. They all love doing it.
I hated it. Sucked at it, too. I was building ships, but I was going nowhere. I needed a distraction, so I went looking for one.
It turns out, the Tau Ceti shipyard has an underground fighting ring. How did I not know we had an underground fighting ring?!
The Breaker Club, they called it. They used modified construction tools to beat the crap out of each other in the middle of the night. It sounded perfect.
I juiced up a couple of old welding torches and started sneaking out at night. I lost at first. Like…a lot. The Breaker Club does not mess around. But neither do I.
I kept training. Kept fighting. Kept tweaking my rig. And…I started winning! Finally, something I was good at!
So, yeah. You're looking at the champion of the Breaker Club. But I'm not satisfied with being a big fish in a small pond. That's why I'm here.
All the best fighters in the galaxy are right here. They're here for the essence. I'm here for the challenge. Crucible is where the action is, baby!
Sure, it's tough. I say: bring the heat. In fact, I brought my own.


Quote Audio
Aloha! That means hello!
I know you're there. What's up?
You're like an annoying little cousin, always poking.
Yeah, I got cousins. Lots of them. So many.
My ohana builds spaceships. You heard me right. Ever hear of 'Iolana Spacecraft?
Yeah, we're a pretty big deal. You know, among ship buffs. It's my family business.
Those are my people. And my biggest fans!
I got into underground brawling early on. That's what I built this rig for.
It's all equipment repurposed from old welding gear. You know, lying around.
Amazing what you can do with the parts on hand, isn't it?
I've been fine-tuning this baby for ultimate firepower! And I’m gonna be the champ someday!
Look out, galaxy, here I come!

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
In this corner – Me!
Ready for action!
You called?


Quote Audio
Fire puns are all the fun…s.
Kick ash!
Light up or light out.
My tutu always said, "Go play with fire!" …I think.
Need a light?
Ok, whatever!
Ooh, so hot I should be TRENDING!
When you're hot, you're hot.


Quote Audio
And that’s how it’s done.
Chee hoooo, what a rush!
Every time I win a match, I hear my ohana cheering.
Hahaha, what a match!
I didn't come to take part. I came to take charge
I was born to be a welder, but I fought to be a champion!
I won't stop 'til I'm the best in the galaxy. Maybe not even then!
If you can't take the heat, get off the planet!
Nice job, fam.
Oh, we won already?
What time is it? IT'S SUMMER TIME!
Yeah! It’s all about teamwork!
YES! I am the CHAMP!
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