The following is a list of quotes from Shakirri.


Ability Quote Audio
Disrupting Strike
To the heart!
Force Dome
Bring up the shield!
Dome going up!
Force field engaged!
Freezelock Pistol
What's your hurry?
Reflect on this!
Stand behind me!
Think again!
Still on Cooldown Not ready yet.
Not yet.
Weapon Swap – To Pistol
Primed and ready!
Weapon Swap – To Sword
Speed my path!

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
A fine choice.
At once!
I will not fail!


Quote Audio
Ahem. Well. Let's stay positive.
Clearly, I could use more practice.
Heh…call it a learning experience.
Let's learn from this loss.
Perhaps we need more training.
Well, I still have my honor.

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Slope

  • Earl: (panting)
  • Shakirri: Earl, are you all right?
  • Earl: Fine, fine…just that the hauling life doesn't usually require this much, you know, physical exertion.
  • Shakirri: Perhaps you'd care to join me for my morning calisthenics? A sound blade needs a sound body, as they say.
  • Earl: Thanks…I'll think about it.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Shakirri: THIS is the ship you're trying to repair? Oh…oh, dear.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Shakirri: This looks like a wreck.
  • Earl: Its mine. I just want to fix it and go home.
  • Shakirri: I’m sure the Unity would help you repair it.
  • Earl: Try telling Commander Tibolt that.

At Harvester

  • Earl: Whew! These missions really take it out of you, don't they?
  • Shakirri: Through struggle, we improve. I am always improving.
  • Earl: Hi, Always Improving, I'm Earl.
  • Shakirri: ::snicker::
  • Earl: Was that a laugh? I heard a laugh.
  • Shakirri: No! You just…caught me off guard, that's all.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Shakirri: You know, Ajonah, we have rebels on my planet too.
  • Ajonah: Oh? Good.
  • Shakirri: What? No, it's - I fight against them. To uphold order.
  • Ajonah: Oh, yes? Whose order?

Part 2

  • Shakirri: Justice? Loyalty? Do those mean nothing to you?
  • Ajonah: Justice? Loyalty? Just words, spoken by rulers.
  • Ajonah: Don't be fooled. Judge people by their deeds, not their words.
  • Shakirri: Those words are what stand between us and chaos!


At Harvester

  • Sazan: I see the judgement in your eyes, First Blade.
  • Shakirri: You see only a reflection. There is no judgement there.
  • Sazan: You're always talking about loyalty. You must think I betrayed the Unity.
  • Shakirri: I think no such thing. Loyalty is essential, but it must be earned.
  • Sazan: And has your Prima earned your loyalty?
  • Shakirri: A thousand times over.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Shakirri: So, Sazan. I overheard you listening to music the other day.
  • Sazan: Yeah, Void Victim. They're pretty hardcore. You wouldn't be interested.
  • Shakirri: I preferred their first album, before they replaced their lead singer.
  • Shakirri: The new guy just can't get the growling right.

Part 2

  • Sazan: You listen to Void Victim?
  • Shakirri: Yes, but don't tell the Prima. She thinks I like chamber music.
  • Sazan: Your secret is safe with me.
  • Shakirri: Their new album comes out next week. Maybe we could listen together.
  • Sazan: Yeah. Maybe.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Rahi: Tell me, Shakirri. Why do you fight?
  • Shakirri: Orders from my Prima.
  • Rahi: Yes, yes. But what TRULY motivates you, deep in your heart?
  • Shakirri: That's…what motivates YOU, Rahi?
  • Rahi: Love.
  • Shakirri: What? R-really?

Part 2

  • Rahi: Yes, indeed! Love for my fellow creatures!
  • Rahi: I see the way so many live, and I want to help them!
  • Shakirri: Rahi…have you ever thought that the way people live…and love…
  • Shakirri: …might be none of your business?
  • Rahi: Um. No!

Part 3

  • Shakirri: Maybe people have their own, personal, reasons for the way they lead their lives.
  • Shakirri: Maybe they don't want a hero to save them.
  • Rahi: You wouldn't say that if you'd seen the things I've seen.
  • Shakirri: I know you mean well, Rahi. I just…like my privacy.
  • Shakirri: And I can solve my own problems.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Shakirri: We're doing well. The Prima will be pleased.
  • Tosca: Ugh, gross. Nothing more boring than a loyal stooge.
  • Shakirri: Boring or not, my duty is to protect…the Prima.
  • Tosca: Whoa, hold on. (sniff sniff) You're hiding something!

Part 2

  • Shakirri: What are you accusing me of? And why did you smell me?
  • Tosca: I can tell when someone's pulling a con. I can smell it on you.
  • Tosca: Shakirri, I'm impressed! I didn't think you had the hairballs!

Part 3

  • Tosca: So what kind of scam are you running? Blackmail? Embezzlement? A scandalous affair?
  • Shakirri: No! I won't be baited by a treasonous little troll like you!
  • Tosca: Oh, don't worry. I'll find out one way or another.
  • Tosca: And here I thought hanging out with you was going to be boring!


Quote Audio
Ah! You've been practicing!
Conviction is nothing without skill.
Effort doesn't equal victory.
It's not enough to be clever.
Learn some new tricks.
Protect yourself first.
Was that your best?
We all reap what we sow.
You fought well.
You let your guard down.
Your form was lacking.


Quote Audio
For Na Dakarru!
I strike for my Prima!
Let's see what today has in store.
Striving towards victory!
This day is mine to win!
This is my dueling ground.


Quote Audio
The First Blade of Na Dakarru is many things, including a teacher. I have taught hundreds of young men and women to the best of my abilities. All except one.
Kamarra was the Prima's granddaughter. My most important assignment. A token of the Prima's complete trust in me. Hah.
Kamarra was a terrible student. Stubborn, impatient. Always sure she had all the answers. I couldn't teach her anything, but I learned plenty.
Somehow, I got…distracted. I used to think only a fool could lose her head over love. I still do. But it turns out we were both fools.
I knew it was wrong. She was my student. She was also miles above me in station. It was wrong, but it felt right.
Things started to spin out of control. I falsified her progress reports, covered for our truancies. I told the Prima she was doing wonderfully. I never knew I was such a good liar.
Then came new orders. The Prima was sending Kamarra on a mission, to some planet called Crucible. That was the moment I realized what a terrible thing I'd done.
Kamarra wasn't good enough. She'd be killed, because I, who have never failed at anything, failed to teach her properly. Her blood would be on my hands.
I begged the Prima to send me instead, but she refused. Said I needed to trust in my student. Just as the Prima had trusted in me.
So I came to Crucible in Kamarra's place. I came against orders, under a false passport. I didn't even say goodbye. Why should I burden her any further?
Once trust is gone, it's hard to earn back. But I intend to try. Should I succeed, the Prima will forgive me. Should I die, Kamarra can forget me.
This is who I am now. I have failed, and lied, and fled. But I am still the First Blade. I will fight, and I will win. Because I still have my honor!


Quote Audio
I am ready.
Yes, this is a saber. Yes, I suppose you could say it's made of light. Why do you ask?
My force field isn't only for battle, you know. Sometimes I just need some alone time.
Deflecting bullets isn't that hard. Doing it with a butter knife, that's the real trick.
Hmm! I deflected your mouse click.
Listen. I am Shakirri Diallo, First Blade of Na Dakarru.
Youngest ever lieutenant of the Prima's personal guard.
Victor of the Grand Melee five years running.
Valedictorian at the military academy.
Voted most likely to succeed, class of 2488.
Dodgeball champion, third grade.
Firstborn child…by four minutes.
And I'm stuck here with you.

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
At the ready!
My duty is to win.
For my Prima!


Quote Audio
A sword is only as sharp as the mind behind it.
Feel free to applaud.
For the Prima.
Like a hot knife through…you.
Perfection in all things!
Thank you. It *is* good hair.
The strong never compromise.
Well met.
When you dance with death, you'd best know the steps.
You are joking, yes?


Quote Audio
Feels good to win.
I am the First Blade, after all.
I expected no less from this team.
I win without compromising my code.
My duty is to win.
My victory belongs to my Prima.
Not an easy victory, but inevitable.
The merit of all things lies in their difficulty.
This is a dueling ground of wills.
Today is mine, and so is tomorrow.
Use the lessons today has taught you.
Victory requires discipline…and talent.
Well done, team! I'm proud of us.
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