The following is a list of quotes from Sazan.


Ability Quote Audio
Equip Electroknife
Blade out!
Nothing like a knife.
This might sting.
Equip Inertia Gun
Inertia gun online.
What's your hurry?
You're not getting away.
Equip Shotgun
Bring it on!
Shock and awe!
Shotgun up!
Hit enemy with Full Blast Shot
Back off!
Get back!
Too close!
Hit w/ Knife
Follow the blood.
There they go!
Coming through!
Out of my way!
Too slow!
Out of Energy
Gotta swap.
I'm out of energy.
This one's empty!
Still on Cooldown
Not ready yet.
Wait for it…

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
About time.
Do or die.
No time to waste.


Quote Audio
Failure keeps us sharp. Next time, we'll win.
Such is our fate, for now.
This isn't over!
Ugh…you think this will stop me…?
Urgh! That was just a fluke!

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Mendoza: Hey, Lieutenant. I hear you've been busy since you quit the Unity.
  • Sazan: I didn't 'quit' the Unity, they chased me out. With assassins!
  • Mendoza: You know how many times the Unity's tried to chase me out?
  • Sazan: Apparently, not enough times.

Part 2

  • Mendoza: Listen. I've been demoted, court-martialed, given all the crap assignments.
  • Sazan: Yet you're still here. Still loyal.
  • Mendoza: Yup, I'm a good dog. Woof woof.

Part 3

  • Mendoza: I don't quit because I can do more good from the inside.
  • Mendoza: And I'd rather help than sulk…Unlike some people.
  • Sazan: So you turned your cheek for the good of others. Have a cookie.
  • Sazan: But I don't care about others. Just answers.

At Harvester

  • Sazan: So, what do you think about the station commander?
  • Mendoza: Commander Tibolt? Seems harmless. A lifer.
  • Sazan: I don’t like him. He asks too many questions.
  • Mendoza: That’s ironic, coming from you.

In Detect Mode

  • Sazan: They ever assign you ranger training?
  • Mendoza: A long time ago.
  • Sazan: Well, it shows.


At Cave

  • Tosca: Finally, somewhere that reminds me of home.
  • Sazan: Except the warrens are smaller.
  • Tosca: Yes, yes, except the - wait. What did you say?
  • Tosca: Humans aren't allowed in the warrens.
  • Sazan: Officially, I've never been there.
  • Tosca: And unofficially?
  • Sazan: Unofficially, the warrens are smaller.


At Research

  • Ajonah: I can feel your discomfort.
  • Sazan: I don't like labs.
  • Ajonah: It's more than that. I can hear your heart pounding like one who drowns.
  • Sazan: More like the only one who didn't.
  • Ajonah: Ah, that is a pain I understand.

In Detect Mode

  • Ajonah: Qui-
  • Sazan: Quiet. (overlapping)
  • Ajonah: Sorry, most need to be reminded.
  • Sazan: Yes, they do. Were you military on Orison?
  • Ajonah: For Orisi, there is no difference. We all must fight.
  • Sazan: Total war? For how long?
  • Ajonah: It is who we have always been.


At Harvester

  • Sazan: I see the judgement in your eyes, First Blade.
  • Shakirri: You see only a reflection. There is no judgement there.
  • Sazan: You're always talking about loyalty. You must think I betrayed the Unity.
  • Shakirri: I think no such thing. Loyalty is essential, but it must be earned.
  • Sazan: And has your Prima earned your loyalty?
  • Shakirri: A thousand times over.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Shakirri: So, Sazan. I overheard you listening to music the other day.
  • Sazan: Yeah, Void Victim. They're pretty hardcore. You wouldn't be interested.
  • Shakirri: I preferred their first album, before they replaced their lead singer.
  • Shakirri: The new guy just can't get the growling right.

Part 2

  • Sazan: You listen to Void Victim?
  • Shakirri: Yes, but don't tell the Prima. She thinks I like chamber music.
  • Sazan: Your secret is safe with me.
  • Shakirri: Their new album comes out next week. Maybe we could listen together.
  • Sazan: Yeah. Maybe.


At Harvester

  • Drakahl: What's with the bad mood? You're free, aren't you?
  • Sazan: Freedom isn't something I wanted.
  • Drakahl: That makes no sense.
  • Sazan: I had comrades. Purpose. Respect. Now what do I have?
  • Drakahl: Anything you borking want.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Bugg: Sazan! Since we're fighting together, does that make us best friends?
  • Sazan: No.
  • Bugg: But why?
  • Sazan: I don't want friends.
  • Bugg: But why?
  • Sazan: They ask too many questions.

Part 2

  • Bugg: But why?
  • Sazan: If you ask me that again, I'm going to break your voice chip.
  • Bugg: But…but…but…
  • Sazan: Grrr….

Part 3

  • Bugg: But…but…but…
  • Sazan: Xwaya gyan (Dear God)! If I say yes, will you stop talking to me?
  • Bugg: Yes, yes! Best friends have no need for words!
  • Bugg: After this mission, I will make us matching hats!
  • Sazan: Wonderful.


At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I’ll get you home.
  • Sazan: This? This is garbage. Just get a new ship.
  • Earl: Well, I like this one.
  • Sazan: A ship is just a tool.
  • Earl: Not to me.

At Harvester

  • Earl: Hey, Sazan! Want to see pictures of my kids?
  • Sazan: Yes, those are children. Your story checks out.
  • Earl: Huh. Never gotten quite that response before.
  • Sazan: What do you want me to say? 'Oh, my stars. What adorable tots. I just want to hold their little hands and tell them that life is fair and safe and happy."
  • Earl: …Yeah, you're right. That's worse.


At Harvester

  • Sazan: Interesting support bot. I’m not familiar with the model.
  • Brother: Is she – are you talking about me?
  • Sazan: It has a conversation mod? I’m not sure what that adds.
  • Brother: I could say the same about yours.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Sazan: Hey, Rahi. Why do you keep that glorified camera around?
  • Rahi: Brother is more than a camera, he’s a friend!
  • Brother: <That’s right!>
  • Rahi: Don’t you rely on your friends?
  • Sazan: I used to. When they were alive.

Part 2

  • Sazan: So what happens if your tech breaks down?
  • Rahi: Then I will fix him!
  • Sazan: And if it…he… can’t be fixed?
  • Rahi: There is nothing that can’t be fixed!
  • Sazan: If you believe that, you haven’t seen when things truly break down.


Quote Audio
At least you've still got your honor.
Chalk up another one.
Don't forget this.
Easy operation.
Finally, some quiet.
Get them before they get you.
That's how a Unity dog dies!
That's what happens to heroes.
That's what I think of the Unity.
The Unity doesn't care about you.
Too little, too late.
You got in my way.


Quote Audio
As many times as it takes.
I will face down any challenge.
Let's see what Crucible has for me.
No matter what, I will win.
The moment of truth.
The truth is down there.


Quote Audio
You looking for a standup comedy routine? You've come to the wrong person.
My squadmates used to say I've got no sense of humor. That's because their jokes were terrible.
I once bet Ito a thousand credits that he couldn't go one day without making a pun. I won that bet…unfortunately.
Galante was big on practical jokes. Sugar in the salt shaker, that kind of crap. He'd just laugh and laugh…
Singh liked wholesome jokes. Kids' stuff. Used to stay up all night watching old cartoons. Guess it helped her cope with the job.
Holt had a weird sense of humor. She'd start giggling, I'd look over, she'd be reading a paper on cryptography or something.
Abramavich was the serious one. Never cracked a smile. Except this one mission…he crouched down to take cover from sniper fire and split his pants wide open.
He started laughing. Then we all started laughing. Had to abort the mission because we couldn't stop. The ambassador was so angry.
My team. They were all just…so bad at comedy. (dissolves into tearful laughter)
Thanks. For a second, it felt like they were here again.


Quote Audio
Hey, you. Talking to me is bad for your health.
I'm from a big family on a small world. Didn't fit in there. Everyone was so fragile - emotionally, physically.
So I joined the Unity. I found a place there, where things made sense. I don't enjoy violence, but I've always had it inside me.
I found my people there. My team. We could handle anything. The secret jobs, the dirty jobs…whatever the Unity needed done.
We protected each other. Except that day. I couldn't protect them, and now they're dead. And I still don't know how, or why.
The hardest thing I ever did was question the Unity's official story. I wanted to trust them. But instead of answers, they sent killers.
It made me think…was I just one of their killers, too?
It took a long time to sink in, how expendable we killers are. We never mattered; we barely exist. We're ghosts.
But here's the thing about ghosts: the law doesn't protect us, and it doesn't hold us back. They killed my people, so I killed theirs. Every single killer they sent.
Seems I'm the only ghost left. Despite everything, I keep failing to die. This mission is my debt to my friends, who deserved to live.
I'm not after justice. I want names…and the chance to put my violence to good use. Whoever they are, I hope they're scared.
So now you know. If they come after you…don't say you weren't warned.

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
I'm always ready.
Ready for action.
Sazan here.


Quote Audio
Constant vigilance.
Great, another civilian.
I call shotgun.
I'll see you in hell.
Judge, jury, and…justice.
Reporting in.
Resolve is measured by results.
The right gun for the right job.
There are no coincidences.
Two types down here. Survivors and casualties.
Where do I keep all my knives? That's classified.
Will I get the secrets, or will they get me?
You've got a guilty face.


Quote Audio
Feels good when things go right.
For my squad.
I hope the Unity's watching.
I know the answer is here…somewhere.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I'm always the last one standing.
Is this enough?
Love it when a plan comes together.
One step closer to the truth.
There's no mercy in this life.
This is all I can do.
This is what I do. I survive.
We earned this win. Enjoy it.
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