The following is a list of quotes from Rahi.


Ability Quote Audio
Absorbs Energy during Laugh It Off
More, more!
Thank you!
Brother marks an enemy
Brother: <Rahi! Over there!>
Brother: <There they are.>
Brother: <They won't get away with that!>
Force Punch
Full Shields
Brother: <Shields at full.>
Brother: <Powered up.>
Powered up!
Shields at full!
Hero's Bond
I'll protect you!
Stay safe!
There you go!
Laugh it Off
Come on, try me!
Run out of Shields
Brother: <Shields down.>
Brother: <Shields expended.>
Shields down!
Shields expended!
Scouting Ahead
Brother: <Hello, Rahi.>
Brother: <I'll be back.>
Brother: <Let's see…>
Brother: <Miss me?>
Brother: <On my way back.>
Brother: <Present and accounted for.>
Brother: <Recon complete.>
Brother: <Scouting ahead.>
Brother: <Taking fire!>
Brother: <That's far enough.>
Brother: <They found me!>
Brother: <Under attack!>
Still on Cooldown
Just a second!
Not ready yet.
To the Rescue
I've arrived!
Here I am!
Hi, it's me!
Miss me, Brother?

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Let's do some good!
Brother: <Ready.>
Brother: <Time to get serious.>


Quote Audio
Good! Let's get all the losses out of the way!
Goodness, what a fight that was!
Patch me up quick, doc!
Brother: <We're ready for the next round.>

The white light is calling me…
Brother: <That's just the teleporter, Rahi.>

We'll be back!
Brother: <After a short rest.>

We'll be back, better than ever!

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Swamp

  • Rahi: This reminds me of our trip to Garttan IV. Do you remember it?
  • Brother: <I remember a lot of mud and turbulence.>
  • Rahi: I remember the beautiful flowers!
  • Brother: <Flowers growing in seas of mud.>
  • Rahi: We should go there again. It was lovely.
  • Brother: <You say that about every planet.>
  • Rahi: Because it is always true!

At Ship Crash

  • Rahi: Brother, what do you think of this planet?
  • Brother: <There is danger everywhere!>
  • Rahi: Of course there is! A true test of courage is how we face it.
  • Brother: <We could face it from a ship in orbit.>
  • Rahi: Then we wouldn’t be helping people down here!

At Research

  • Rahi: Brother, you’re looking different today!
  • Brother: <I’m the same as always…>
  • Rahi: Something about you has changed!
  • Brother: <I guess I am having a good day.>
  • Rahi: I knew it! Something inside shines through!

At River

  • Rahi: Ah, this is the life!
  • Brother: <Being attacked on a dangerous planet?>
  • Rahi: Exploration, fresh air, verdant wildlife!
  • Brother: <Threats all around us.>
  • Rahi: It makes life all the more precious!


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Rahi: Bugg, it does my heart good to see those plants of yours. Even if they are…violent.
  • Bugg: You like my plants?! Everyone else is always trying to hurt them.
  • Rahi: Then it's a good thing they have you to protect them!

Part 2

  • Bugg: I do protect my garden. But I have to hurt people to do it.
  • Rahi: Sometimes you have to do things you don't like to protect the things you love.
  • Bugg: Is that part of being a hero?
  • Rahi: It's the hardest part of all.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Rahi: Tell me, Shakirri. Why do you fight?
  • Shakirri: Orders from my Prima.
  • Rahi: Yes, yes. But what truly motivates you to do your best every day?
  • Shakirri: That's…what motivates YOU, Rahi?
  • Rahi: Love.
  • Shakirri: What? R-really?

Part 2

  • Rahi: Yes, indeed! Love for my fellow creatures!
  • Rahi: I see the way so many live, and I want to help them!
  • Shakirri: Rahi. Have you ever thought that the way people live…and love…
  • Shakirri: …might be none of your business?
  • Rahi: Um. No!

Part 3

  • Shakirri: Maybe people have their own, personal, reasons for the way they lead their lives.
  • Shakirri: Maybe they don't need a hero to save them.
  • Rahi: You wouldn't say that if you'd seen the things I've seen.
  • Shakirri: I know you mean well, Rahi. I just…like my privacy.
  • Shakirri: And I can solve my own problems.


At Harvester

  • Sazan: Interesting support bot. I’m not familiar with the model.
  • Brother: Is she – are you talking about me?
  • Sazan: It has a conversation mod? I’m not sure what that adds.
  • Brother: I could say the same about yours.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Sazan: Hey, Rahi. Why do you keep that glorified camera around?
  • Rahi: Brother is more than a camera, he’s a friend!
  • Brother: <That’s right!>
  • Rahi: Don’t you rely on your friends?
  • Sazan: I used to. When they were alive.

Part 2

  • Sazan: So what happens if your tech breaks down?
  • Rahi: Then I will fix him!
  • Sazan: And if it…he… can’t be fixed?
  • Rahi: There is nothing that can’t be fixed!
  • Sazan: If you believe that, you haven’t seen when things truly break down.


At Research

  • Tosca: All this broken tech. We should squirrel some away for later.
  • Rahi: You mean...stealing The station commander wouldn't like that.
  • Tosca: What Commander Tibolt doesn’t know can’t harm US.


Quote Audio
Ah, you'll thank us for this later!
Brother: <Well, maybe not.>

Brother: <Checkmate.>
Brother: <Don't worry, we'll complete the mission.>
Brother: <Just as my models predicted.>
Brother: <Stay down, please.>
Brother: <This is for the best, Bugg.>
Dousing your flames! Hah!
Brother: <Good one.>

I'm sorry!
Brother: I'm not.

Not today, my friend!
Thanks for showing me your best!
What a fight!
You'll be fine, probably!


Quote Audio
Brother: <Let us think before we act.>
Where's the fun in that?

Brother: <Let's get down to the mission.>
To the mission! Jai ho!

Brother: <Our odds of success are…irrelevant.>
Yes! You are learning!

I can't do this without you, Brother.
Brother: <We'll do it together.>

Let's do some good!
Brother: <And try not to get killed.>

Once more into the breach!
Brother:<Onward and upward!>


Quote Audio
Rahi: Let me tell you about Brother. He's smart. He's wise. He's thoughtful. Maybe he's too cautious, sometimes. But he's my best friend.
Rahi:I didn't have a lot of friends growing up. My parents moved around a lot. And when I grew up, I moved around a lot as well. There was always somewhere to go, someone in need, some place I could make better. I have friends on a hundred worlds, but no one really special.
Rahi: But one time I was on Tekuhl, in the Nu Ophiuchi system, picking up medical supplies for delivery to a colony world. There was an outbreak of aurelian fever, and they needed the medicine, fast. But the people I was dealing with were …. not good people. .I suppose that's my fault. Brother always tells me I'm too trusting.
Rahi: Anyway, they caught me by surprise and knocked me out. I woke up in a basement. They fit me with electrocuffs on a long chain. I think they were planning to ransom me. Hah! Who would they send the ransom note to? Anyway, I woke up in a basement. And there I met this broken little AI.
Rahi: He was in horrible shape. His housing was smashed, his primary sensor cracked, his thrusters throttled. I repaired him as best I could. There was nothing else to do, down there in the dark. I got him up and talking.
Rahi: And we talked. He had had a hard life, even for an AI. He was built by a horrible person. He escaped, but has been surviving as best he could, hand to mouth. He was captured like I was. They were trying to disassemble him for parts. Poor AI.
Rahi: He was astounded that I would help, for no other reason than that I was there. But what else could I do? We talked in the dark for a while, and after I got him operating, he had an on-board propane torch it turns out, and helped me get rid of my electrocuffs.
Rahi: Our kidnappers did not expect me to be free when they looked in on us. Were they surprised! I took down one, but the other got the drop on me. And my new friend, this little AI, got in the way and bought me enough time to knock her out.
Rahi: So we turned the kidnappers over to the authorities, of course. I could have stayed, but I had places to be and people to help. The little AI asked if he could come along
noicon|Besides, two minds are better than one! I call him Brother. I never had a brother when I was growing up. Now I do, and he is the best brother one could have.
Brother: <This is what I understand: the universe was not made to reward goodness.>
I became self-aware as a servant of a horrible creature, who created me to do horrible things.
Brother: <Some confluence of factors granted me consciousness - and burdened me with a conscience.>
<I fled, and I hid, and I searched for meaning. I knew in my atoms that 'good' must exist somewhere in the universe.>
Brother: <In absence of evidence, I survived on faith. But the universe is often horrible, and that faith was sorely tested.>
<Then I met Rahi. He is simple. He is illogical. He is a dreamer. And he is the best being I've ever known.>
Brother: <In every atom, he is 'good'. His dream is to make this horrible universe better, to ease the suffering of his fellow sentients.>
Brother: <I used to consider my conscience a curse. But now, I use it to help Rahi.>
<We have a plan to bring happiness to a great number of people. I will do everything I can to bring his dream to fruition.>
Brother: <Rahi saw something in me that I always hoped was there. I protect him when I can, advise him when I should, and argue with him when I must.>
Brother: <Individually we are flawed and doomed to failure, but I have faith that together, we will succeed.>
<I am smart, and he is good, and that makes all the difference in the universe.>


Quote Audio
Rahi: Hello! I'm Rahi.
Brother: <And I am Brother.>
Rahi: And we're here to help!
Brother: <This plan of ours is risky, Rahi. There are countless ways you might get hurt.>
Rahi: Doing good means taking risks! Like when the knight bursts onto the chessboard, unties the king, and saves everyone before the bomb goes off!
Brother: <Ah, yes. The Rahi gambit.>
Rahi: King me! ::chuckles::
Rahi: Think of all the people we'll help when we succeed. Think of the smiles on their faces!
Brother: <I'm happy if you're happy.>
Rahi: So! Who here do you like the most?
Brother: <Well, you, of course. Who do you like?>
Rahi: It's a toss-up between Summer, and Shakirri, and Earl, and Mendoza, and Ajonah, oh, and-
Brother: <I get the idea.>
Brother: <You like everyone. That's your nature, Rahi.>
Rahi: Yes, I like them all. Except Tosca.
Brother: <Oh? Tosca?>
Brother: <Rahi, why don't you like Tosca?>
Rahi: Because YOU don't like her. She scares you.
Brother: <…Yes. I regret causing you concern. An AI should be able to hide its emotions.>
Rahi: Brother, do you trust me?
Brother: <Yes, of course I do.>
Rahi: No matter what?
Brother: <I don't like where this is going.>
Rahi: The point is, heroes need trust. In the mission. In the cause. In each other!
Brother: <I trust you, Rahi. I just want you to stay safe.>
Rahi: Come on, Brother! Share your burden, tell me your troubles!
Brother: <The last thing I want is to burden you.>
Brother: <Plus, you can't keep a secret to save your life. Or mine.>
Rahi: Keeping secrets is bad.
Brother: <Not keeping them is worse. Trust me, Rahi.>
Rahi: …Okay. I trust you.
Rahi: Trust! Compassion! The power to touch hearts and change minds!
Brother: <By force, if necessary.>
Rahi: That's what it takes to be a hero!

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Pick us!
Brother: <And Brother.>


Quote Audio
All we can do is try.
Be passionate!
Brother: <Boop boop beep.>
Brother: <Have you tried turning it off and on again?>
Brother: <I concur.>
Eyes open, heart open!
If you can't do something smart, do something right.
Brother: <Ideally, both.>
Jai ho!
Kindness is not weakness!
Right makes might!
Steel your heart, Brother!
Brother: <Steel is a poor conductor, copper would be ideal.>
Wonderful, wonderful!
Your troubles are over!


Quote Audio
Brother: <Ah, we overcame the odds.>
Just like we always do!
Brother: <Are you happy, Rahi?>
Yes, of course!
Brother: <Good.>
Brother: <The needs of the many…>
…mean that we had to beat you all up.
I dedicate this match to all my friends!
Brother: <So, everyone, then.>
I think we really did some good today.
I'm the last one standing!
Brother: <Ahem.>
You don't count, Brother. You float!
Thanks, everyone! What a great match!
When you fight for others, you can never be defeated!
Brother: <Let's hope this trend continues.>
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