Planet Crucible is the primary location in Crucible. Edit


It all starts with Crucible. Crucible is a rogue planet, discovered by The Unity, an organization of space-faring races that includes humans. The Unity expected to find a frozen ice-world, but instead found a lush, verdant world teeming with alien life. That was only the first of Crucible's surprises.

The Unity also discovered essence, a fluid substance that could affect materials and organics at the molecular levels. The essence permeated the plants and animals of the world, and was found in large pools beneath the surface. Capable of rewriting the genetic code itself, this essence was unique in the galaxy.

The Unity established a research colony on the surface and an orbital station above it. They discovered huge pools of essence beneath the surface and set up drilling operations to extract the material and ship it off-planet. And that's when the planet struck back. The native vegetation grew suddenly and ripped buildings apart. Howling predators came down out of the hills in waves. Rescue ships were ripped from the sky. A deadly miasma rose from the surface and enwrapped the planet in a toxic, caustic fog. Five hundred and twenty people died in a single afternoon. Colony Zero was eradicated.

The Unity sent military forces to re-establish the colony, but these troops were destroyed as well by a hostile planet. Though stymied, the Unity still wanted the essence.

They turned to free agents, independent contractors, representatives of member planets, and other highly motivated individuals. Using the orbital station's technology, they pushed the toxic atmosphere back to create a temporary safe zone, and dropped these essence hunters down to gather the material before the force fields failed and the deadly atmosphere closed back up.

There was an added wrinkle: the essence messed up the teleporters on the station and would brown-out the entire station bringing one essence-laden back. Individuals without any essence could be teleported out, but only a few could ultimately get out with their prize. The rest would get a trip to the medbay and the opportunity to try again. You are one of those essence hunters. Your job is to get off this deadly new world with the essence. The world is out to get you, as are the other competitors. Only by fighting better, faster, and smarter can you survive Crucible.

Fauna of Crucible Edit

Stompers: Have 750 hp , deals 150 direct damage.

Spitters: Have 400 hp, deals 10 direct damage and 100 DoT over 25 seconds.

Lurkers: Have 300 hp, deals 35 direct damage.

Hives: Have 5000 hp, when attacked, targets player and releases 10 Wasps, each dealing 10-15 direct damage and 150-200 DoT over 35 seconds. Wasps will explode either on collision or when hit with any damage. Hives also spawn spikes around it's base, dealing 150 damage per second for up to 4 seconds.

Flora of Crucible Edit

Goo Grapes: When popped, it will launch a total of 18 goo projectiles over 4 seconds. Each projectile deals 10 flat damage and 100 DoT over 30 seconds. It also applies a 25% slow for 1 second. When the goo projectile hits the ground, it becomes an AoE field that lasts 2.5 seconds and deals about 40 damage over 30 seconds per second

Spike Plants: When hit, they will create a spike field for 7 seconds, dealing 85 damage per second and cause vulnerable.

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