The following modes are available in Crucible.

Starting a matchEdit

Prior arriving on Crucible, the first phase of gameplay contains hunter, upgrade, and drop point selection.

Selecting a hunterEdit

Before joining a match, you'll choose a hunter to control while entering battle. Some characters perform better in close quarters, while others fare better at range. Choose wisely.

Each hunter has their own weapon (tied to Left Mouse Button by default), a movement ability (tied to SHIFT by default), and set of unique combat abilities (tied to Right Mouse Button, Q, and E). Using your weapon and these abilities at the right moment can mean victory for you or your team.

When selecting your hunter you can also pre-select your upgrades. You can change your upgrades again after finding a match during the drop phase, but it is recommended you have a pre-selected set of upgrades beforehand. Upgrades are unlocked at each in-match level (up through 5) and directly affect your character's power. You have choices to make at upgrade tier I, III, and V. Upgrade tiers II and IV are locked upgrades which are central to your particular hunter's progression. Your level 1 upgrade is unlocked on match start.

Choosing a game modeEdit

After choosing your character you have the ability to select your game mode.

Practice modesEdit

  • Tutorial: A short single-player experience where you can learn the basics of how to play Crucible.
  • Practice Arena: An open, single-player mode where you can play any character to get a feel for their abilities and how they play.

List of modesEdit

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