The following is a list of quotes from Mendoza.


Ability Quote Audio
Flash Grenade
Fire in the hole!
Grenades out!
Nades deployed!
Hit enemy with headlong rush
Coming through!
Get back!
Knock Back Enemy with Supply Drop
Should have looked up.
Sprint It's go time
Let's roll.
Moving out.
On the move.
Oscar Mike.
Supply Drop Calling in support.
Help from above.
Let's get a package from home.
Need a drop, pronto.
Sent with love.
Still on Cooldown Not ready yet.
Not yet.

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Good choice.
I know what I have to do.
Mission accepted.


Quote Audio
Ah, well. We can always try again
Don't think I'll ever get used to that
Ouch. That's gonna linger
Ugh. I need a drink
Win some, lose some. I guess.

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Crater

  • Mendoza: Man, they really ripped this place up.

At River
Part 1

  • Mendoza: Just like home, eh? ::Awkward chuckle::
  • Ajonah: You mean, the home you invaded and pillaged?
  • Mendoza: Still mad, huh.

Part 2

  • Mendoza: We didn't 'pillage' Orisi. We, uh…pacified it?
  • Ajonah': Trickery with words. Just like the Unity.
  • Mendoza: Look, we stopped the war. And I saved your life!
  • Ajonah: I never asked you for anything.


In Detect Mode

  • Sazan: They ever assign you ranger training?
  • Mendoza: A long time ago.
  • Sazan: Well, it shows.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Mendoza: Hey, Lieutenant. I hear you've been busy since you quit the Unity.
  • Sazan: I didn't 'quit' the Unity, they chased me out. With assassins!
  • Mendoza: You know how many times the Unity's tried to chase me out?
  • Sazan: Apparently, not enough times.

Part 2

  • Mendoza: Listen. I've been demoted, court-martialed, given all the crap assignments.
  • Sazan: Yet you're still here. Still loyal.
  • Mendoza: Yup, I'm a good dog. Woof woof.

Part 3

  • Mendoza: I don't quit because I can do more good from the inside.
  • Mendoza: And I'd rather help than sulk…Unlike some people.
  • Sazan: So you turned your cheek for the good of others. Have a cookie.
  • Sazan: But I don't care about others. Just answers.

At Spaceport

  • Sazan: What do you think about the station commander?
  • Mendoza: Commander Tibolt? Seems harmless. A lifer.
  • Sazan: I don’t like him. He asks too many questions.
  • Medoza: That’s ironic, coming from you.


At Earl's Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Mendoza: I thought Misty was your wife's name.
  • Earl: Yep.
  • Mendoza: …And also your gun's name?
  • Earl: That's right.
  • Mendoza: …And it's also your ship's name?
  • Earl: Hey, it's a good name.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Mendoza: Hey, Drakahl. Bet you were a terror back in the Krake War.
  • Mendoza: Which side did you fight on?
  • Drakahl: I dunno. I fought whoever didn't run.

Part 2

  • Mendoza: That war ripped the galaxy apart. You don't even know which side you were on?
  • Drakahl: I'm not really into politics.
  • Mendoza: Politics?!


At Harvester

  • Bugg: Hello, Captain! Do you have time for a quick satisfaction survey?
  • Mendoza: Is it actually quick?
  • Bugg: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your partnership with this Botani unit?
  • Mendoza: Uh…eight.
  • Bugg: Can I ask what would have made your experience better today? At the DokaniMo corporation, we are always striving to-
  • Mendoza: Fine, fine, ten.
  • Bugg: Yay! I am a perfect ten!


Quote Audio
Anger ain't enough.
Did I save your life for nothing?
Gets easier every time.
Keeping score, fuzzball?
Not your day, huh.
Should have stuck with your training.
Take it up with the Unity.
Target down.
That'll do, old man.
That'll probably glue back together.
Think again.
Tough break.


Quote Audio
Back into the field.
Boots on the ground.
Get ready, Crucible.
Let's get this done.
Ready for action.
Time to go loud.


Quote Audio
I know what you want to know. You want to know about this scar. Not much of a story, actually.
You know I've been up and down the ranks a few times. Well, I spent the last few years on the Supply Station Veritas. Butt end of the universe, folding blankets.
Applied for reassignment seven times. Denied. When things went casters up on Crucible, I applied to be party of the rescue mission. Denied
The unit they sent didn't survive. Planet wiped them out. Maybe if I'd been there, things would have gone different.
While that was happening, my supply station was attacked by pirates. Arkani raiders. Nasty bunch of thugs.
We repelled them, but they blew up our sick bay. I took a couple hits. I had to rely on more primitive healing methods. Salves and bandages. Stone-age stuff.
And THEN word came down they wanted me on Crucible. I could stay and heal up, or I could do my duty. Guess which one I picked?
I mean, autodocs are great, IF you can get to one in time. I just didn't.
So that's how I got the scar. But I'm too tough to kill, and that's why I'm here. Who's buying the next round?


Quote Audio
Mendoza here.
I read you. What do you want?
I said I read you. Stop poking me.
Don't you have anything better to do? Wish I did.
If you're trying to get me to snap, you're gonna be here awhile. Also, you'll have to get in line.
I knew a girl who lived to get a rise out of me. I got her back good, though. I married her.
I don't respond well to prodding. Ask my ex-wife. Or her lawyer. Or my lawyer.
I put up with a lot worse than this. You ever get a physical from a Unity doctor?
Unity medical tech is something else. Even dying only gets you a coffee break.
Sometimes, this whole Crucible setup feels like a sick joke. Sure hope someone out there is entertained.
I need a drink.

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Me, huh.
Mendoza here.


Quote Audio
(rocking out to a solid beat)
An officer? No. I work for a living.
Battle's only over when I'm out of bullet.
Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.
If at first you don't succeed, call in an airstrike.
Mendoza, out.
Never planned on being a lifer. Thought I'd be dead by now.
What do you want, a medal?
What the foxtrot…?


Quote Audio
Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow.
Don't bother getting angry about it.
Gotta keep rolling that rock uphill.
I always survive till the end.
Don't bother getting angry about it.
Looks like I'm still good for something.
Mission accomplished. I'll be in the bar.
The Unity thanks you for your service.
We all die alone. But not today.
YEAH! YEAH! Ahem. Good job.
Yep. Still alive.
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