Events are one of the key features in the game Crucible.


Occasionally, the planet will trigger an event that will shift the dynamic on Crucible. Sometimes these can be helpful, like a large med kit supply drop or a tall needle-like Amplifier that will deliver a powerful buff to whomever can claim it. Sometimes they're less helpful, like an increase in the spawning of spitter plants or a harmful planet-wide cosmic storm. Keep an eye on your alerts to know what you need to do – and remember that everyone else is reacting too.


  • Starting Events – These events are active at the beginning of alpha hunter matches. Heart of the hives and harvester command do not have starting events.
  • Critical Events – These events are rare (0-2 per match) but can provide a tremendous advantage to opportunistic hunters.
  • Major Events – Events that occur frequently (the total of critical events and major events is 6) while on Planet Crucible and can be a helpful boost for hunters.

Starting eventsEdit

Icon Name Description
Starting and major spitter-colony Spitter Colony A dense cluster of spitters is inside the containment barrier, providing a valuable prize for daring hunters, just proceed with caution.
Starting and major stomper-herd Stomper Herd A large herd of stompers is inside the containment barrier, ready for harvesting.
Starting supply-cache Supply Cache The Unity has dropped a cluster of med kits to aid in this mission

Critical eventsEdit

Icon Name Description
Critical damage-energizer Damage Energizer The Unity is remotely energizing all Hunters’ weapons, increasing their lethality. For the next 120 seconds, every hunter is granted a 50% damage boost.
Critical essence-canisters Essence Canisters A shuttle carrying a shipment of essence has crashed, scattering locked essence containers across the surface of Crucible. The Unity has dropped a couple of unlocking stations to the surface that will unlock these containers. Each canister delivery grants 600 essence in Heart of the Hives.
Critical essence-eruption Essence Eruption A large upwelling of essence is violently boiling up from the ground that deals damage to players through essence puddles all around the map. This event lasts for 120 seconds, and each pool grants 200 essence in Alpha Hunters, and 500 essence in Heart of the Hives.
Critical essence-siphon Essence Siphon The Unity is beaming down a device that can leech essence directly from the environment at an impressive rate. Whoever is holding the extractor will be collecting a lot of essence continually, but is revealed to all enemy hunters. In Alpha Hunters essence is granted at 400 per 10 seconds, in Heart of the Hives the rate is 75 per 10 seconds.
Critical evolution Evolution For the rest of the match, all creatures are stronger and grant 50% more essence.
Critical global-scanner Global Scanner For a limited time (60 seconds), all hunters gain awareness of other hunters on the map.
Critical mini-harvester Mini-Harvesters The Unity is prototyping miniaturized harvester technology and is dropping 10 of these smaller, more limited and rewarding harvesters into the safe zone. Each mini harvestor grants 75 essence per 10 seconds.

Major eventsEdit

Icon Name Description
Major biotic-converter Biotic Converter Permanent objective. Interacting with is drains max health and grants a high amount of essence. Stops when the hunter reaches 100 HP or breaks interact.
Cloak Field For the duration of the event, players are re-cloaked every 10 seconds, allowing players to maneuver unseen. Be careful taking objectives - you never know who might be lying in wait.
Major cloak-plant-bloom Cloak Plant Bloom A few more cloak plants appear on the surface of Crucible.
Major damage-boost-pods Damageboost Pods Drops a bunch of small pods that increase individual damage by 1%.
Major damage-amplifiers Damage Amplifiers Objectives dropped around the map that confer increased damage to a hunter and their team once captured. The damage increase per objective is 12% in Alpha Hunters, 8% in Heart of the Hives.
Major harvester-master-control Harvester Master Control An objective that grants ownership of all Harvesters to whoever captures it.
Major healthboost-pods Healthboost Pods Drops a bunch of small pods that heal and increase max health by a tiny degree.
Major health-amplifiers Health Amplifiers Objectives dropped around the map that confer increased health to a hunter and their team once captured. The health increase per objective is 15% in Alpha Hunters, 12% in Heart of the Hives based on each hunter’s max health at level 1.
Major interaction-shield Interaction Shields Grants hunters a capture shield that activates an overshield equal to 30% of base health when any interaction begins. The shield is removed when interaction ends.
Major medkit-amplifier Medkit Amplifier Increases a hunter’s med kit carrying capacity, and fills their med kit inventory immediately.
Major medical-station Medical Station Permanent objective that continuously heals hunters while they interact with it. Stops when at full health or interact is broken.
Major regeneration-amplifiers Regeneration Amplifiers Objectives dropped around the map that confer continuous regeneration bonus of 5 health per second to a hunter and their team once captured.
Major scanning-station Scanning Station Permanent objective that displays all hunters’ locations to whoever is standing on it.
Starting and major spitter-colony Spitter Colony A dense cluster of spitters has been detected, providing a valuable prize.
Major stomper-gathering Stomper Gathering For the rest of the match, all Stompers not engaged in combat will roam towards a single point on the map.
Starting and major stomper-herd Stomping Herd A large gathering of stompers is in the safe zone and read for harvesting.
Major upgrade-station Upgrade Station Objective that adds the player’s unselected T5 upgrade as though it had also been selected prematch.
Major victory-beacons Victory Beacons Objective for Harvester Command mode that grants a fixed number of points to the capturing team.
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