Essence is a unique substance found only on the Planet Crucible. It appears as a morphic blue gas/liquid orb similar in appearance to the cytoplasm found in plant cells. Essence infuses the native life forms of the planet and can be found in rich pools and veins beneath the surface.

Unity researchers, upon arrival on the planet, discovered that essence has a number of unique properties. It dramatically enhances any form of matter to which it is applied. In living creatures, it increases physical and mental capabilities. In purpose-built objects, such as weapons or fuel, it enhances that object’s ability to fulfill its purpose. Its effects on non-purpose built objects, such as rocks, is less pronounced and can be unpredictable. No one is sure how essence does what it does. It seems to psychically intuit what its subject desires to be (or in the case of a purpose-built weapon, what its user or creator desires it to be), and then acts upon the subject to achieve that desire. A galaxy-wide race to unlock its secrets is underway, and the first person to discover how to synthesize it will hold the key to incredible wealth and power.

Raw essence (that found in its pure, semi-fluid state) is easily absorbed into the flesh, altering and improving the abilities of the essence hunters and their weapons. Essence can be removed easily and painlessly upon return to the Crucible Orbital station. However, essence-laden tissue requires a lot more energy to teleport, which is why few hunters with essence can be returned after the match with their cargo.

essence is dropped by the different creature on the map these are stompers, splitter, lurkers and hives

Essence Values (Heart of the Hives) Edit

Source Essence Rate Notes
Harvester 30 per 10 seconds
Mini-Harvester 15 per 10 seconds Equivalent to 0.5 harvesters.
Essence Siphon 75 per 10 seconds Equivalent to 2.5 harvesters.
Essence Canister 600 per delivery Equivalent to a level 1 player kill.
Player 600-800* per kill
Lurker 50 per kill Worth 75 (1.5x) during Evolution Event.
Stomper 60 per kill Worth 90 (1.5x) during Evolution Event.
Spitter 80 per kill Worth 120 (1.5x) during Evolution Event.
Hive 0 per kill

*Player Kill essence value scales based on the level of the killed player, increasing by 50 essence per level, capping out at level 5.

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