The following is a list of quotes from Earl.


Ability Quote Audio
Buckle up!
Here we go, Misty!
Turbines to power!
Blowback Vents
'Scuse me!
Back. Off.
Get back!
Gimme some room!
No, sir.
Knock back enemy with Afterburner
Coming through!
Red Line That Sucker
Let's show 'em what we can do!
Now we're talking!
You should run!
Still on Cooldown
Need more time.
Not ready yet.
Tanking Up
One for me, one for Misty.
That hits the spot!

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Let's get the lead out.
Let's go, Misty.
Pedal to the metal.


Quote Audio
Ah, we’ll get them next time.
I'm gonna feel that in the morning.
Just gonna…close my eyes for a minute…
Oof. Anyone get the license plate of that truck?
Rats. Take me home, Misty.

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Crater

  • Earl: Now that’s what I call a big rig!

At Swamp

  • Tosca: Ugh, the swamp. I hate it here.
  • Earl: You say that wherever we go.
  • Tosca: That's true, but I REALLY hate the swamp. My fur gets all soggy. And it smells.
  • Earl: I guess it's good being big and bald.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Tosca: Good luck getting this hunk of crap running ever again.
  • Earl: Oh, I'll get her running. I keep my promises.


At Ship Crash
Part 1

  • Earl: I hate seeing a good ship all wrecked up.
  • Summer: Yeah. This one could get up to half an APH back in its heyday. It's just a little orbit-hopper, but still. You know. Kicky.
  • Earl: Whoa. How do you know so much about this ship?
  • Summer: My ohana built it.

Part 2

  • Earl: So you know your way around a spaceship, huh?
  • Summer: Yeah. Family business. 'Iolanas make ships.
  • Earl: But not you?
  • Summer: No way. I freakin' hated it.

Part 3

  • Summer: This is the life I want, Earl! Excitement! Adventure! Competition!
  • Summer: Not back home, welding stuff to other stuff!
  • Earl: I guess everyone's gotta follow their own road through life.
  • Earl: But me, I'd give anything to be back home.

  • At Earl’s Ship
  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Summer: She's in rough shape, Earl. I can probably get you a good deal on an Iolana ship.
  • Earl: Thanks, but no thanks. There's only one ship for me.

At Harvester

  • Summer: So Earl, when's your next call home? Can I crash it?
  • Earl: Sure, my kids are nuts about you. But I'm a little surprised you like talking to them so much.
  • Summer: What's not to like? Your kids are awesome!
  • Earl: See, that's what I keep telling people!


At Grave

  • Earl: Is that…a grave?
  • Ajonah: How very interesting.
  • Earl: Why's that?
  • Ajonah: It means someone lived long enough to dig it.

At Harvester

  • Earl: Hey, Ajonah! Want to see pictures of my kids?
  • Ajonah: Feh, put that away. Do you not worry that showing your children exposes them to danger?
  • Earl: Never really thought about it like that. But you sound like you have.
  • Ajonah: It is common sense.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I’ll get you home.
  • Ajonah: Don't make promises you can't keep. It cheapens your word.
  • Earl: Listen, I may not have much money, but my word is gold.
  • Ajonah: Mmm. Good.


At Slope

  • Earl: ::panting::
  • Shakirri: Are you all right, Earl?
  • Earl: Fine, fine…just that the hauling life doesn't usually require this much, you know, physical exertion.
  • Shakirri: Perhaps you'd care to join me for my morning calisthenics? A sound blade needs a sound body, as they say.
  • Earl: Thanks…I'll think about it.

At Harvester

  • Earl: Whew! These missions really take it out of you, don't they?
  • Shakirri: Through struggle, we improve. I am always improving.
  • Earl: Hi, Always Improving, I'm Earl.
  • Shakirri: ::snicker::
  • Earl: Was that a laugh? I heard a laugh.
  • Shakirri: No! You just…caught me off guard, that's all.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Shakirri: This looks like a wreck.
  • Earl: Its mine. I just want to fix it and go home.
  • Shakirri: I’m sure the Unity would help you repair it.
  • Earl: Try telling Commander Tibolt that.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I’ll get you home.
  • Shakirri: THIS is the ship you’re trying to repair? Oh…oh, dear.


At Harvester

  • Earl: Hey, Sazan! Want to see pictures of my kids?
  • Sazan: Yes, those are children. Your story checks out.
  • Earl: Huh. Never gotten quite that response before.
  • Sazan: What do you want me to say? 'Oh, my stars. What adorable tots. I just want to hold their little hands and tell them that life is fair and safe and happy."
  • Earl: …Yeah, you're right. That's worse.

At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I’ll get you home.
  • Sazan: This? This is garbage. Just get a new ship.
  • Earl: Well, I like this one.
  • Sazan: A ship is just a tool.
  • Earl: Not to me.


At Earl’s Ship

  • Earl: Hey, my ship! I promise, Misty, I'll get you home.
  • Mendoza: I thought Misty was your wife's name.
  • Earl: Yep.
  • Mendoza: …And also your gun's name?
  • Earl: That's right.
  • Mendoza: …And it's also your ship's name?
  • Earl: Hey, it's a good name.


Quote Audio
Don't let it get to you.
Guess I got lucky.
I'm good at taking things apart.
It's called getting whooped.
Little dogs bark loud.
Man's gotta earn a living.
Misty always gets the last word.
One of us had to lose.
Report that to the Unity.
That ain't gonna buff out.
You could use a tune-up.
You fought good, pal.


Quote Audio
I'm here. Roll out the welcome mat.
I've got a good feeling about this.
Let's get this show on the road!
Let's show this world who's boss.
Time to drop the hammer,
Wish me luck, Misty.


Quote Audio
Let me tell you about Misty. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.
I grew up on a leng-garr world. Got off it as soon as I could. Other leng-garr would probably call me a traitor for leaving.
I did a lot of things to survive. Lot of things I'm not proud of. Things I don't like to talk about.
Eventually, I got my own ship – hauling and brawling across the galaxy. Heheheh.
Then I met Misty on a back-water world. She had a couple adopted kids. She takes in strays, you know. She's got a big heart.
And, well, true love. She believed in me. Cared about me. We got married, and I adopted the kids too.
And more kids later. Like I said, she takes in strays. Like me.
Leng-garr don't believe in families like humans do. We're spawned in a machine and assigned to a clade. A genetic class, you know.
They don't like human marriage. They definitely don't like a leng-garr marrying a human.
So, your average leng-garr? They see I've got a wife and kids, and they don't like it. I creep them out.
But I'm OK with that. Because Misty loves me.


Quote Audio
This thing on? You can hear me, right?
Ok, you want to chat? I can chat. Chat up a storm, long as you're buying the drinks.
The secret to a happy marriage? If you figure it out, let me know. Hah, just kidding, my wife is the best.
I'll tell you my secret to great parenting, though: dad jokes. Yep, dad jokes. Get ready.
Everyone back home knows that old Earl is good for two things: a laugh and a tune-up. Might even say I'm the torque of the town.
Heh heh heh, that's funny, I don't care what species you are. Or what species your kid is. Heck, we got a bunch of them and they all think I'm hilarious.
Speaking of the kids, me and my daughter were reading this book about anti-gravity engines. Interesting stuff, we couldn't put it down.
…Damn, I miss her.
Tell you what, though, my daughter's got the brains in the family. Most of the stuff in that anti-grav book went right over my head.
Kids will surprise you, you know. Asked my son to make me a sandwich. You know what he said? "Poof, you're a sandwich!" Real proud moment, right there.
Still wanted that sandwich, though. Man's gotta eat.
I can do this all day, pal. Keep clicking.
Lots of running around here on Crucible, trying to keep up with the young folk. You'd think I'd lose some weight, but it keeps on finding me.
Ok, ok, I got one: While back my littlest asked me, "Dad, what's a weekend?" I told him, "I don't know, son. I'm a trucker."
(Prolonged laughter, trailing off awkwardly)
Ok, I'll see myself out.

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Fine choice.
I'm Earl. This here is Misty.
Rarin' to go.


Quote Audio
(engine revving sounds with mouth)
(guitar solo sounds with mouth)
Floor it!
Hell yeah.
If you're standing in blue stuff, you might be an essence hunter.
It's your funeral.
Ok, settle down, sport.
Only thing tougher than a trucker is a trucker's wife. So Misty tells me.
So you hear about that new restaurant on Ganymede? Great food, no atmosphere.


Quote Audio
Aw yeah! First round's on me!
Can't underestimate luck.
Hell of a way to make a living.
Looks like the best man won.
Sometimes it's the will and not the skill.
Tastes like victory.
That one's for you, Misty!
Well, would you look at that.
Whew, worked up a sweat back there.
Wish the kids could have seen their dad in action.
Wish the kids could have seen us out there.
Yeah! Getting me a new transmission.
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