The following is a list of quotes from Drakahl.


Ability Quote Audio
Enraged Claw Give me your blood!
Your blood is mine!
Your pain tastes good!
Enraged Grab Gotcha!
Hi there!
Enraged Roar
Get ‘em Gutted Here comes the pain!
Hit an artery!
This one's weak!
Ok, Now I’m Mad HAH! TRY ME!
I feel alive!
Party time!
Push Through the Pain (laughs maniacally)
Resonating Axe (windup growl)
Resonating Quake
Plenty for everyone!
Stay still!
Resonating Spin BLEED!
Whum, whum, whum!
Rush (growl)
Sonic Pulse
Not so fast!
Where're YOU going?
Still on Cooldown Give me time.
Not ready yet.

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
I'm ready.
None better.


Quote Audio
At least I went out...on my own terms...
I wasn't done killing 'em yet!
We'll slice them up good next time.
Whatever, I wasn't even trying.
You've gotta be kidding.

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Mendoza: Hey, Drakahl. Bet you were a terror back in the Krake War.
  • Mendoza: Which side did you fight on?
  • Drakahl: I dunno. I fought whoever didn't run.

Part 2

  • Mendoza: That war ripped the galaxy apart. You don't even know which side you were on?
  • Drakahl: I'm not really into politics.
  • Mendoza: Politics?!


At Harvester

  • Drakahl: What's with the bad mood? You're a free agent now, aren't you?
  • Sazan: Freedom isn't something I ever wanted.
  • Drakahl: That makes no sense.
  • Sazan: I had comrades. Purpose. Respect. Now what do I have?
  • Drakahl: Anything you borking want.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Drakahl: Can't wait to stash some sweet essence in my secret hiding spot.
  • Tosca: Under your mattress? GREAT hiding spot, by the way.
  • Drakahl: WHAT? You been sneaking into my room?
  • Tosca: Don't worry! I sneak into everyone's room.

Part 2

  • Drakahl: So, bite-size, what do YOU do with your essence?
  • Tosca: Sell it for cash money, obviously! You know how much this stuff is worth?
  • Tosca: Cornering the essence market is WAY better than sleeping on a lumpy mattress.

Part 3

  • Tosca: If you want, big guy, I can sell your essence too. For a *cough* modest broker's fee.
  • Drakahl: No way am I selling it. It's MINE.
  • Tosca: Eh, fine. I'll just steal it from you later.
  • Drakahl: See, that's funny, 'cause I was planning on stealing your essence too!
  • Tosca: Heeey! I guess great minds think alike.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Bugg: Hi, Drakahl! Have you ever thought about the ethics of hitting people with your axe?
  • Drakahl: Thought about the what now?
  • Bugg: I think about it all the time. My code tells me to hurt people, but is violence ever justified?
  • Drakahl: Violence is FUN.

Part 2

  • Drakahl: Hurting people feels GOOD, doesn’t it? It feels RIGHT!
  • Bugg: Hurting people…is good? But Brother says…
  • Drakahl: Don’t listen to that nerd! Listen to ME!

Part 3

  • Drakahl: The way I see it, everyone's got a choice.
  • Drakahl: I CHOOSE to do whatever I want. Feels GREAT!
  • Bugg: So…if it's my CHOICE to hurt people…
  • Drakahl: Then you can feel GREAT about it!


Quote Audio
Ah, I love breaking stuff!
Ah, that hit the spot.
At least you went down swinging!
Bad choice.
Blame yourself! Do it!
Eat it, Summer!
I knew I'd die good!
The axe always wins!
They always die too quick.
You knew what you were getting into.
You should have run, 'pal'.
You're just meat!


Quote Audio
Can't wait to crunch some bones!
I smell blood.
I'll do this MY way!
Large and in charge.
Out of my way!
This will be fun!


Quote Audio
You know what really bothers me? I mean really bothers me. I don't get enough respect.
Now, most Krake like fighting. Me? I REALLY like fighting. Pain is fun. Pain makes you feel alive. 'Especially other people’s pain.
I'm the best in the sector at general mayhem. You'd think that’d make me a hero. But no, the high muckety-mucks in charge think I go too far.
The warlords all worry about "the rules of war”. You know. Keep damage to a minimum. Try not to kill your commanders. Leave something left standing.
They still call on me, though. Whenever they need the nastiest, roughest, most ornery creature in the Orion Arm, I get the call. Me.
Yeah, I know. They think of me as a blunt instrument, a loose las-cannon. They say I have a problem following orders. I say I show initiative.
You can’t call back a solar storm. You can't call back Drakahl. You'd think they'd know that by now. You know what you're getting when you hire me.
So they rarely call me twice. They think I'm too independent. They think I'm too self-directed. They worry about "ignoring orders" and "collateral damage" and "high body counts."
I don't mind too much. I've got a rep. Word gets around. More than enough customers out there in this big universe. I don't have to worry about repeat business.
So I may not get the respect, but I am really enjoying myself. And most days, that's enough.


Quote Audio
What the hell do you want?
Keep that cursor off me if you don't want to lose it.
If you stop, I promise not to slaughter your family.
Hah! Good. Promises are for weaklings. Armor is for weaklings, too.
If I wore armor, no one could see my scars. Even worse, no one could give me new scars.
Scars are important. Show where you've been. How you've grown. And who you've killed.
Plus, they look cool. Heheheh.
I am Drakahl! NO ONE looks cooler than me!

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
It's me!


Quote Audio
Come get a bite!
I'm not a people person.
It's all in the wrist.
Rip! Chop! Destroy! You get it.
Says you.
Stop hitting yourself.
Think you're a badass?
Two Krake walk into a bar. I kill them both. Ha ha ha.
You gonna use all those limbs?


Quote Audio
Ah, this is the life.
Boom! That's what you get!
Did that hurt? It hurt, didn't it?
First, we win! Then, we eat!
Good. I don't like losing.
I can't wait to kill you all again tomorrow!
I hope you all suffered!
It's all about finesse, you hear me? FINESSE! GRAAAGH!
None of you can stop me!
We just keep winning! We just keep winning!
You're all worthless!
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