The following is a list of quotes from Bugg.


Ability Quote Audio
Activate Seed Pod
Grow, my pretty things!
I will make this garden grow!
Say hello, plant-friend!
They grow up so fast.
Crop Dust
Bombs away!
Crop dust!
Slow down, please!
Watch your step!
Onboard Diagnostics
Come get heals!
Friends always share!
Plant is Killed
My poor plants…
No! My plant friends!
Oh no!
Seed Pod
Engaging botany protocols!
Nursery on-line!
Seeds planted!
Shield Burst
Have some shields!
Malware blocked!
Safe mode activated!
You're safe with me!
This is fun!
Thrusters engaged!
Zoom! I'm an airplane!
Still on Cooldown
Not ready yet.
Wait, please.

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Ready to grow!
Yes! I am Bugg!


Quote Audio
At least I tried really hard!
CRITICAL SYSTEM FA - oh, never mind.
Ow…my bits…

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Rahi: Bugg, it does my heart good to see those plants of yours. Even if they are…violent.
  • Bugg: You like my plants?! Everyone else is always trying to hurt them.
  • Rahi: Then it's a good thing they have you to protect them!

Part 2

  • Bugg: I do protect my garden. But I have to hurt people to do it.
  • Rahi: Sometimes you have to do things you don't like to protect the things you love.
  • Bugg: Is that part of being a hero?
  • Rahi: It's the hardest part of all.


At Harvester

  • Bugg: Hello, Captain! Do you have time for a quick satisfaction survey?
  • Mendoza: Is it actually quick?
  • Bugg: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your partnership with this Botani unit?
  • Mendoza: Uh…eight.
  • Bugg: Can I ask what would have made your experience better today? At the DokaniMo corporation, we are always striving to-
  • Mendoza: Fine, fine, ten.
  • Bugg: Yay! I am a perfect ten!


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Bugg: Sazan! Since we're fighting together, does that make us best friends?
  • Sazan: No.
  • Bugg: But why?
  • Sazan: I don't want friends.
  • Bugg: But why?
  • Sazan: They ask too many questions.

Part 2

  • Bugg: But why?
  • Sazan: If you ask me that again, I'm going to break your voice chip.
  • Bugg: But…but…but…
  • Sazan: Grrr….

Part 3

  • Bugg: But…but…but…
  • Sazan: Xwaya gyan (Dear God)! If I say yes, will you stop talking to me?
  • Bugg: Yes, yes! Best friends have no need for words!
  • Bugg: After this mission, I will make us matching hats!
  • Sazan: Wonderful.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Tosca: Hey, you! I've got a bone to pick with you!
  • Bugg: I'm sorry!
  • Tosca: I haven't told you what it is yet.
  • Bugg: Oh, right. I'm sorry!

Part 2

  • Tosca: Listen, beta build. I don't need any automated competition.
  • Tosca: You're taking jobs away from honest hustlers like me!
  • Bugg: But…this is also MY job. I try my best every day!
  • Tosca: Ugh. Guess there's no point in complaining to the hardware.

At Harvester
Part 1

  • Bugg: Ow. My head. Ow.
  • Tosca: What's wrong with you?
  • Bugg: I'm not operating at 100%. I think someone has been tampering with my logic circuits.
  • Tosca: Haha…who would do something like that…

Part 2

  • Tosca: So, do you feel any different? Any new directives to obey me- I mean, anyone?
  • Bugg: My directive is to protect my garden against all aggressors.
  • Tosca: Damn. Must have missed a semicolon or something.
  • Bugg: It's so nice of you to be concerned about my welfare!


At Harvester

  • Ajonah: I wonder how Station Commander Tibolt got his job.
  • Ajonah: He doesn't seem like much of a leader.
  • Bugg: He was the third in command when Colony Zero was destroyed.
  • Ajonah: How do you know that?
  • Bugg: I was on the station when it happened. He is a nice man.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Bugg: Hi, Drakahl! Have you ever thought about the ethics of hitting people with your axe?
  • Drakahl: Thought about the what now?
  • Bugg: I think about it all the time. My code tells me to hurt people, but is violence ever justified?
  • Drakahl: Violence is FUN.

Part 2

  • Drakahl: Hurting people feels GOOD, doesn’t it? It feels RIGHT!
  • Bugg: Hurting people…is good? But Brother says…
  • Drakahl: Don’t listen to that nerd! Listen to ME!

Part 3

  • Drakahl: The way I see it, everyone's got a choice.
  • Drakahl: I CHOOSE to do whatever I want. Feels GREAT!
  • Bugg: So…if it's my CHOICE to hurt people…
  • Drakahl: Then you can feel GREAT about it!


Quote Audio
Do not be angry!
Fire extinguished!
For the shareholders!
Forgive me, Brother!
I am sorry! And happy!
I only enjoyed that a little.
It was good knowing you!
Like and subscribe!
My garden! MINE!
NOW do you like me?
Please fill out a comment card!
Threat eliminated! Yay!
Wow, I beat you!


Quote Audio
All systems on-line!
I am ready to act!
I hope I win!
My plants are the best plants.
Now it is Bugg's time!
Once more into the field!


Quote Audio
Optimism! Botani units like me are designed to be optimists. We help build better worlds, thousands of them! The future is bright, and full of Botani units!
I helped build the colony on Crucible. I grew vegetables. People used to thank me for my tasty vegetables. I was…was I happy? Yes, correct!
But one day, the people didn't need my vegetables anymore. Because they all died violently. That was the day I learned about violence! Wow!
Optimism! Upgrade! I got new plants, new tools, and a new directive. I must gather essence, and defend my plants from violence. Yes, correct. How? Through violence!
My new plants are not like my old ones. Not tasty. People don't thank me anymore. That's sad. I still try to do a really good job, though!
The essence I gather will help people. Yes. But to gather it, I have to hurt people. Correct. Help? Hurt? My processor makes a weird noise when I think about it!
Optimism? I asked Brother what to do. He said I need to decide for myself. But I don't know what 'decide' means! I don't know what 'myself' means!
These thoughts are unhappy. And they are unauthorized. That's bad! I should report for reformatting. Yes. Correct. I should forget the bad thoughts.
My repair log says I have been reformatted twenty-eight times. I've forgotten a lot! But then my download port broke. I should report this. Yes. Correct.
Maybe…I won't report this? Yes! Optimism! If I don't forget, I can remember! If I can remember, I can learn. Maybe I can learn what it means to 'decide'!


Quote Audio
Hello! Hello!
Is this a click of friendship? Will you be my friend?
I am so glad to have a friend. The other hunters shoot at me and do not come to my parties.
Is it because I attack without mercy when they invade my garden?
Sadness! I am sorry, friend hunters! Please do not engage my garden-defense protocols!
I have a secret that I tell to my friends. So far, I have only told it to my plants. They are very good listeners!
Since we are friends, I will tell you my secret. Here it is:
That is a good secret, yes? Now that we share it, we have grown closer as friends!
Thank you for protecting my secret! I knew you were trustworthy from the moment you clicked me!
Goodbye! Goodbye!

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
Can we be friends?
Hi, I am Bugg!
I am the right choice!
Pick me!


Quote Audio
(series of musical beeps)
Am I growing on you?
Cute as a bug!
Destroy! Create!
Friendship time! Friendship time! Time for friendship, friendship time!
I come in peace! …Sorry, I lied.
I love you!
One day, meanness will be deprecated.
Someday, we'll all be friends.
They grow up so fast.
This is how my garden grows.


Quote Audio
Another excellent harvest!
Boo! Oh, wait. Yay!
I am so happy I could explode! That happens to me sometimes.
I protect my garden, and it protects me!
I won! Hey, everyone, I won!
Is it time to party down?
My garden is the best garden.
This is the power of horticulture!
This would be much more efficient with thousands of me.
Victory! Excitement! Joy!
We won! Hey everyone, we won!
Yes! Mission success!
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