The following is a list of quotes from Ajonah.


Ability Quote Audio
3 Headshots in a Row
I am the tide.
Aimed Fire
Careful, now.
Let's see.
Detonate Jamming Shroud
Got you.
Trap tripped.
So gullible.
Grappling Hook
Here and gone.
On the move.
Jamming Shroud
Clouding the waters.
Leave no trace.
Masking my moves.
Squid Mine
Come, little fishies.
Here's a surprise.
Snare set.
Still on Cooldown
Not ready yet.

Confirm CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
It's high tide.
It's time.


Quote Audio
All my strength…for the struggle…
Fall down nine, stand up ten.
Hmph. We have nothing to prove.
I will not slip up again.
I've still got a long way to go.
We lose. We grow. Next time, we win.

Downtime ConversationsEdit

Hunter Quote Audio

At Crater

  • Another planet the Unity tried to bleed dry.

At River

  • Summer: Ah…it's like a day at the beach!
  • Ajonah: A beach where everything tries to kill you.
  • Summer: That's my kind of beach!
  • Ajonah: You'd be right at home on Orisi, then.

In Detect Mode

  • Summer: (loud whisper) Why are we hiding?
  • Ajonah: Shh! We must move like shadows in the shallows!
  • Summer: (even louder whisper) It's just that hiding isn't really my thing, you know?
  • Ajonah: You're the loudest shadow I've ever met.


At River
Part 1

  • Mendoza: Just like home, eh? ::Awkward chuckle::
  • Ajonah: You mean, the home you invaded and pillaged?
  • Mendoza: Still mad, huh.

Part 2

  • Mendoza: We didn't 'pillage' Orisi. We, uh…pacified it?
  • Ajonah: Trickery with words. Just like the Unity.
  • Mendoza: Look, we stopped the war. And I saved your life!
  • Ajonah: I never asked you for anything.


At Cave

  • Tosca: Now this is more like it! Feels good to have a roof overhead.
  • Ajonah: Don't care for the fresh air, Tosca?
  • Tosca: We Chirt spend our lives indoors. On warren ships, or underground. All this open sky feels…uncomfortable.
  • Ajonah: Yes. As a child, I never suspected that there was so much beyond the sky. Now that I know, looking up can be…uncomfortable.


At Research

  • Ajonah: I can feel your discomfort.
  • Sazan: I don't like labs.
  • Ajonah: It's more than that. I can hear your heart pounding like one who drowns.
  • Sazan: More like the only one who didn't.
  • Ajonah: Ah, that is a pain I understand.

In Detect Mode

  • Ajonah: Qui-
  • Sazan: Quiet. (overlapping)
  • Ajonah: Sorry, most need to be reminded.
  • Sazan: Yes, they do. Were you military on Orison?
  • Ajonah: For Orisi, there is no difference. We all must fight.
  • Sazan: Total war? For how long?
  • Ajonah: It is who we have always been.


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Shakirri: You know, Ajonah, we have rebels on my planet too.
  • Ajonah: Oh? Good.
  • Shakirri: What? No, it's - I fight against them. To uphold order.
  • Ajonah: Oh, yes? Whose order?

Part 2

  • Shakirri: Justice? Loyalty? Do those mean nothing to you?
  • Ajonah: Justice? Loyalty? Just words, spoken by rulers.
  • Ajonah: Don't be fooled. Judge people by their deeds, not their words.
  • Shakirri: Those words are what stand between us and chaos!


At Harvester
Part 1

  • Ajonah: Tosca. I've heard that you are in the business of selling solutions. To very…difficult problems.
  • Tosca: You're talking weapons, right?
  • Ajonah: Yes.
  • Tosca: Oh, yeah. I've got tons of those.

Part 2

  • Tosca: So. You rich?
  • Ajonah: What?
  • Tosca: Are you RICH. Do you have a lot of MONEY.
  • Ajonah: Well…no. But surely there is something that High Tide can offer in return for your help.

Part 3

  • Tosca: Listen, fishy. If we're gonna do business, let's get something straight. I don't HELP causes. I cash in on them.
  • Tosca: So if you're offering a favor in exchange for services rendered…it's gonna be a big, BIG favor.
  • Ajonah: I know the price of peace. I will pay whatever is needed.
  • Tosca: I love a desperate customer. Let's talk more after this match.


At Harvester

  • Ajonah: I wonder how Station Commander Tibolt got his job.
  • Ajonah: He doesn't seem like much of a leader.
  • Bugg: He was the third in command when Colony Zero was destroyed.
  • Ajonah: How do you know that?
  • Bugg: I was on the station when it happened. He is a nice man.


At Harvester

  • Earl: Hey, Ajonah! Want to see pictures of my kids?
  • Ajonah: Feh, put that away. Do you not worry that showing your children exposes them to danger?
  • Earl: Never really thought about it like that. But you sound like you have.
  • Ajonah: It is common sense.

At Grave

  • Earl: Is that…a grave?
  • Ajonah: How very interesting.
  • Earl: Why's that?
  • Ajonah: It means someone lived long enough to dig it.


Quote Audio
Fair enough?
Find rest.
For MY family.
It's over.
One step closer.
There are no heroes.
This isn't a game.
Unity idiot.
We all die.
Your sacrifice is not in vain.


Quote Audio
Danger everywhere. I love it.
I am ready for you, Crucible.
Move swiftly. Strike decisively.
Reminds me of home.
Such cruel beauty in this place.
This is for you, Orison.


Quote Audio
Before I was a hunter, I was a storyteller. Let me tell you a story of my people, the Orisi.
Long ago, when times were different, we had a great island city. It shone under the sunlight and the moonlight. Millions lived safe behind its strong walls.
There was a girl who loved the city from afar. She was of a trader clan, and only came to port when her family's ship was filled with beautiful things to sell. In the city, she met a boy.
He was tall and strong like the city walls. She was free and fluid like the sea. They loved each other, with the all-consuming love that only the young dare to feel.
He showed her the wonders of the city: its markets, its palaces, its gardens, its walls. 'This is how we were meant to live', he said. But though the girl marveled, she also doubted.
We Orisi are people of the sea. But the boy was different. To him, the sea was barren and brutal. 'How can our people build on a foundation of water?', he said. The boy said a lot of things.
He begged her to come live in his city and be safe behind its strong walls. But though she loved the boy, and she loved the city, she was like the sea. The sea can't live in a box.
The day she left was the day doom came. The Basilons, ancient enemy of our people, crested the horizon in their great metal warboats. To them, the city was a big, beautiful target.
The trader clan ships were small, slippery, and safe. The Basilons could not catch them. But the girl could not convince her family to go back, so she dove overboard and swam back alone.
The strong city walls were not strong enough. As they came down, the girl found the boy. She tried to save him, to swim with him to the safety of the open sea. Her home.
He had forgotten how to swim. Though she tried, she could not swim for him. She watched him sink, and cried, and her tears mixed with the salty sea as it swallowed the city.
Times are different now. The ancient city stones lie tumble-drowned, shimmering underwater in the sunlight and the moonlight. They say the water there is still salt-seasoned with the tears of the girl who could not save her love. And that is why the Orisi build no more great cities.


Quote Audio
Hello, alien.
I don’t trust you.
But perhaps we might find shared waters?
Tell me, how do you feel about the Unity?
Do you feel that the security they provide is worth the cost?
Neither do I. Neither should anyone.
Like all tyrants, they have more power than sense. They do what they want without consideration for those they trample.
My people are new to this ocean of stars
But whether in our home seas or here in the hollow sky, I know right from wrong.
And I know how to fight those that cannot be fought.
Be in touch. When the time is right, you’ll know.
Now, go. Before we are seen talking together.

Select CharacterEdit

Quote Audio
I'm listening.


Quote Audio
(clears throat)
A wave never dies.
Anger is too easy.
Give nine, save ten.
I AM the tide.
I like silence. You should try it.
If I had something to say, I'd say it.
Tch. What now?
The past is an anchor. Cut it free, or drown.
This is why I work alone.
Weapons win wars. Not words.
Words can be twisted. Silence will never betray you.


Quote Audio
A means to an end.
Deeds, not words.
For those I've lost, and for those yet to come.
How much peace can this victory buy?
Is victory an illusion?
It's all for my people.
Nothing can stop the tide.
The Sea judges us all.
The tide rises.
This is the only way.
Today, the match. Tomorrow, the war.
You are all just collateral damage.
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