The following is a list of abilities featured in the game Crucible.

List of abilitiesEdit


Name Description
Aimed Fire Hold to improve harpoon accuracy and increase damage. Slows movement.Targets receive critical damage on a headshot.
Detonate Jamming Shroud Activating the jamming shroud while the jammer is deployed causes it to self-destruct.
Grappling Hook Fires a retracting grappling hook. Hold to swing.
Hip Fire Fires a single harpoon. Targets receive critical damage on a headshot.
Jamming Shroud Deploys device that jams detection in this area. Tap again to detonate.
Squid Mine Creates a mine that follows target and explodes, slowing enemies.


Name Description
Crop Dust Creates a slowing, damaging, area of effect beneath you.
Seed Pod Fires a seed pod that can be activated by spraying.
Shield Burst You, your seed pods, your plants, and nearby allies gain a temporary overshield.
Sprayer Damages opponents and activates seed pods.
Thrusters Thrusters propel you forward and vertically.


Name Description
Chop Strike with vibron axe.
Enraged Claw While enraged, Chop becomes Enraged Claw, a claw attack that generates healing over time.
Enraged Grab While enraged, Sonic Pulse becomes Enraged Grab, a short-range attack that pulls one enemy towards you.
Enraged Roar You become enraged, Choose between a life-stealing claw attack or a ranged grab attack.
Jink Drakahl jets forward in the current direction.
Resonating Axe Your axe hums with power. Choose between a spinning damage over time area attack or a stunning area attack.
Resonating Quake While resonating, Sonic Pulse becomes Resonating Quake, a shockwave attack that stuns and damages nearby opponents.
Resonating Spin While resonating, Chop becomes Resonating Spin, a spinning attack that bleeds all enemies.
Rush Dash forward in the direction your camera is facing.
Sonic Pulse Fire Sonic Pulse from vibron axe.


Name Description
Afterburner Rocket forward at high speed.
Blowback Vents Knock enemies back and block projectiles in immediate area.
Fire Fires Misty, increasing Turbofire. Turbofire increases fire rate over time.
Tanking Up Drink a refreshing beverage to immediately restore health.
Upshift Fires a burst of four explosive rounds and increases Turbofire.


Name Description
Aimed Fire Hold to improve rifle accuracy. Slows your movement. Headshots deals critical damage.
Fire Fires rapid shots from pulse rifle. Headshots deals critical damage.
Flash Grenade Mendoza throws a flash grenade which blinds enemies.
Sprint Tap or hold down to move faster.
Supply Drop Calls down a med kit and bunker. Bunker knocks back opponents on landing.


Name Description
Force Punch Heavy melee attack that drains personal shields to deal extra damage.
Heroic Bound Rahi executes a power jump that can be charged by holding down the button.
Laugh it Off Gain personal shield which increases over time.
Scouting Ahead Rahi sends Brother to a target location. Rahi gains vision of the area surrounding Brother.
Shield of Justice Send projectile to shield allies, blinding enemies in its path.
Shoot Laser Beam Fires laser for piercing damage. Attack generates small amount of shields.
To The Rescue While Scouting Ahead, activating the ability again will teleport Rahi to brother's current location.


Name Description
Attack Attack with inertia gun, which applies a stacking slow effect upon hit.
Attack Attack with shotgun, which fires a powerful short-range burst.
Equip Electroknife Sazan switches to her electroknife, recharging weapon energy.
Equip Inertia Gun Sazan switches to her inertia gun, recharging weapon energy.
Equip Shotgun Sazan switches to her shotgun, recharging weapon energy.
Jet-Dash Dash in the direction of movement.
Throw Knife Attack with electroknife, which applies a long-lasting DoT upon hit.


Name Description
Aim Pistol Hold to improve weapon accuracy.
Disrupting Strike Unleash an energy wave that disrupts opponents.
Fire Pistol Fire your Starlock pistol.
Force Dome Creates dome that blocks enemy attacks and prevents enemies from crossing
Holo-Shield Deploys a force shield that deflects projectiles and blocks melee attacks.
Swing Attack with your sword.
Weapon Swap Toggle between sword and pistol as your primary weapon. Sword stance moves faster.


Name Description
Fireball Fires a long-range fireball that explodes on impact. Generates heat.
Firepulse Thrusters Jump up and forward. Generates heat.
Flamethrowers Fires a continuous cone of flame. Enemies do not block line of fire. Generates heat. Abilities shut down when overheated.
Ignition Spark Creates a blast that knocks you and opponents back. Generates heat.
Magma Spiral Summer creates circular pattern of flaming magma. Generates heat.


Name Description
Acid Shot Fires a scattershot of acid bullets.
Adhesive Alpha Throw explosive compound inflicting damage and slowing target.
Blink Short-range teleport in the direction of movement. Passes through obstacles.
Electro-Cloud Create a smoke screen which disrupts enemy detection and blocks line of sight.
X-Ray Goggles Immediately detect all opponents within 50 meters in front of you.
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